Email newsletter open rates: 2 ways to increase them

At Stickemail, we excel at open rates. We always beat the current business-to-business benchmark of 25 per cent. Sometimes we more than double it.

How do we do it?

  1. We provide valued information to a very targeted, well-maintained list of people.
  2. We make sure the preview pane, the first thing potential readers see, gives a good reason for opening.

Some e-mail marketers argue that open rates, which are declining, are not that significant. Sure, they don’t capture the Outlook people who read your newsletter without the images clicked on or the growing number using text-only hand-held devices.

What’s more, they can over-report opens, when people forward through their e-mail program or open your newsletter more than once. But let’s not quibble. These actions are even better than opens.

It’s also important to remember that open rates are only one of many measurements. Every newsletter publisher should be setting objectives and measuring the success of their newsletter by how well it serves them.

But opening the newsletter is the first step toward realizing their goals. And, imperfect though they may be, open rates remain the best way of determining what is working with your newsletters.


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