Words that annoyed me this week

This post has been revised and moved to http://www.stickycommunication.ca/2010/09/words-that-must-die/


4 Responses

  1. Here’s one that I am hoping has gone by the by:

    “Moments of Truth”
    This term appears to mean occasions when customers interact with clients and customers form opinions based on said interaction. But quite often these are routine interactions, day to day type of stuff, and no great revelations or (drum beat in the background please)…. MOMENT OF TRUTH actually occurs. Far too dramatic for me!

  2. “win-win” (I can’t believe this still hangs on)
    “man-hours” (Why not “staff-hours”? or even just “hours”?)

    Those are just a few that cropped up this week!

  3. Feedback appreciated. I also heard “reverse racism” on Facebook. I think this could become a regular theme.

  4. Person holes for manholes.


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