Blogging is becoming fun

It’s taken a while to make the time to write regular posts. I’m still struggling with building relationships with other bloggers and some of the technical challenges. But blogging is starting to get easier and produce results.

Much of the advice I read is about content, which was the easy part for me. I’ve been a business writer for 30 years and I have been reading blogs for some time.

Posting more often became possible when I realized I could recycle some of my email newsletters and other material, and draw inspiration from my everyday experiences. More importantly, I’m having fun writing about what interests me rather than what my clients tell me to write.

To build relationships, my colleague John Watkis, a talented writer and speaker who has used blogging to help grow his business, advised me to spend an hour a day reading and responding to blogs.

But how do I find that extra hour? I have clients to impress and deadlines to meet, food-machine teens, the call of the gym and the garden and a messy old house that I can’t ignore from my home office. Then there’s the time I spend writing my newsletters and blogs, running around for my aging parents, reading and hanging with my friends.

Many days I can’t carve out that hour, but I’m starting to respond to other bloggers more. The results are very encouraging. In response to my comments, I was interviewed about content marketing by Dr. Patsy Krakoff, co-founder of the respected Blog Squad. Then she invited me to write a guest post. These haven’t led to a stampede to this site, but traffic is growing.

As a result of blogging, I am also getting more comfortable with relatively new-to-me technologies, like RSS feeds, html coding and social media. Not bad for somebody whose only tool was a typewriter in the early days of my career.

I’m still a single parent who needs the income from clients to keep my family afloat. I haven’t made any money from my blogs yet and the rates I see people offering freelancers are often a joke. But that wise voice inside me says I’m on the right track.

I realize there’s so much more to do. On top of more posting and commenting, I should start tweeting, writing more guests posts and drafting more of my e-book on easy writing tips, inspired by bloggers and the thousands of people I’ve written and edited for over the years.

It is endless. But fun.

Now just let me finish paying those bills, find the dog’s leash and catch up on the latest barrage of client email so I can back to the blogs.


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