Are you sponge-worthy?

Remember the Seinfeld episode when Elaine decides to save her contraceptive sponges, which are being pulled from the  shelves, for the best guys. She called them sponge-worthy. The humour came in part from the awkward, pretentious sound of sponge-worthy.

Now social media gurus are adopting the term shareworthy. Without the hyphen, which implies it’s been around a while, as in trustworthy.

I was recently annoyed by the repeated use of shareworthy in an otherwise excellent webinar by Silverpop on applying social media to email newsletters. I even visited their blog post on the subject.

But why could they not have simply said “worth sharing?” Do you think they were trying to be funny?

One Response

  1. commas are my big problem, never know when to put one in or leave one out. Is it better to have none than have them be wrong?


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