30+ alternatives to “awesome”

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  1. I’m gonna say no thanks to this one. It’s not that I don’t agree with you, it’s just that my fiance has already made me pay attention to a dozen other annoying habits of speech. Some of these including:

    1. Uh
    2. Uhm
    3. Like

    You get the idea. When someone can fit 43 of these into a run-on sentence, I am gladly listening for that “Awesome.”

  2. Just wait till you’re married and she finds more annoying habits. Good luck.

  3. Here are some suggestions that came in through my email, which I’ll use to update my list

    From Leslie Hetherington, Pet Value
    What about ‘ingenious’ or plain, old ‘great’ as alternatives?

    I was raised to consider the word ‘nice’ a cop-out and to this day won’t buy a greeting card with ‘nice’ in the message. In addition to other concerns you raise, I think awesome has become the ‘nice’ of the 2000s.

    From Cyrus Mavalawa, of Advantis Communcation: un-freakin believable

  4. What about “humbling”?

  5. A friend referred me to your link when I posted a comment of Facebook that I was so sick of using the word “awesome”. Barb, thank you sooooo much for this spectacular list. (I’d like to add the word “fantastic”) Although at one point in my life, I used that word too much as well.

  6. Most overused expressions started out well. I still like fantastic, but I’m getting really sick of out-of-the-box thinking.

  7. I just need to feel that whoever uses an expression actually means it, the over worked constant, ‘awesome’, ‘oh my god’, ‘amazing’, ejaculations dont usually have any substance at all. If they were truly awestrick and amazed or even in the presence of or invoking their personal diety it would make sense, but it just does not get there in my opinion. Please think again.

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