What Letterman left out

On the mom scale, I give David Letterman’s apology a three out of four. He gets one point for fessing up and another for resisting the temptation to justify his actions, which you know your kids are doing as soon as they say “but.”

I give him a third point for persuading me that he is not going to screw around again. A kid may apologize for hitting his sister, then do it again as soon as he thinks you’re not looking.

But David loses a critical point for not telling us everything. He implies that the shenanigans took place while he was married. But he has not been specific. And what about all the extracurricular sex during the many years he and wife Regina were in the relationship that preceded the marriage? I think he’s hiding a lot of naked skeletons in his closet.

When my kids were little, it was always important to know just what they were apologizing for. There was no point in forgiving someone for making a mess in the living room if they had actually smashed the television screen.

I know you would like to move on, David. But you’re not off the hook, at least with us moms.


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