Poo on my shoe and insights about me and you

I talked to a group of small business owners this morning about my upcoming book, Write Like You Talk–Only Better.

They seemed to understand the importance of first thinking about their ideal reader and just what they want them to think or do.

They listened intently, as shown by the absence of Blackberry checking, while I summarized some of the structures they should use for different objectives.

They appreciated the importance of revising to fix embarrassing mistakes and make their content shorter and more focused.

But many of them had trouble with the notion of personalizing their writing. They worried they would look unprofessional. While they saw the merit of connecting with their ideal reader through a more conversational tone, some did not seem quite ready to write as “me” to “you.”

Still, these cautious ones told me they were going to read more blogs to get a better sense of friendlier writing. And they would probably give “me” and “you” a try. Once they see results, I know most will switch.

Or maybe they were just going along with me in the hopes I’d finish and leave. You see, after I sat down, I realized I had earlier stepped in dog poo. When no one was looking, I quietly wiped it off my high heel with a leftover muffin wrapper then cleaned up in the ladies room.

Thank goodness I hadn’t seen the poo while I was up there talking. But now I’m worried some of the evaluations will says the speaker stank. Serenity now!


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