Six tips for writing warm holiday messages

‘Tis the season for writing Christmas, or should I say holiday, messages. This year the economy is making this annual rite especially challenging.

Today I’m helping a radio ad sales person compose an email holiday message to retailers who are having a rough year. Worse still, they’re in ski country, with no snow.

So how can she use an email card to spread some Christmas cheer?

Here are my six tips: empathize, don’t sell, distract from the negative, thank, personalize and offer hope.

Empathize. Tell me them you feel their pain, which is certainly true with her low sales commissions.

Distract. Remind people of those less fortunate, by offering a link to donate to the local food bank or other charity that’s important to you.

Don’t sell. Your Christmas message is about warming up relationships, not greasing the sales gears. If you have to include a sales message, keep it very subtle.

Thank. She expressed gratitude to the many customers who had sponsored her on a 200-kilometre bike ride to raise funds for cancer research. Some of these customers had spent so little on radio advertising that she would have sounded insincere if she’d thanked them all. Her bigger customers will be thanked personally.

Personalize. She told them her mother was much better after her bout with cancer and that she was praying for the many customers who had talked to her about similar strains with their loved ones.

Offer hope. She touched on business picking up with last-minute shoppers and encouragement from Canadian economists. She even saw a snow flake out her window as she concluded.

I hope I helped the sales rep warm up her many contacts. Let me know if I can help you. Drop me a line at

Now on to my holiday message from a CEO to the employees who have had pay cuts and see the vultures circling overhead. Any tips for me?


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  2. Hey. I couldn’t get through to this page the other day. Anyone else had the problem?

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