My Christmas wish: an easier, faster blog

Dear Santa

What I’d really like for Christmas this year is a new blog. I know that’s asking for a lot but I’ve been really, really good.

The old one takes too much time. Most of the big shot bloggers I read tell me to treat my blog like a business. But I already have a business, writing for businesses.

Although the main objective of my blog is to promote this business, I would totally love to have enough page views to grab some Adwords revenue and affiliate advertising. I dream.

I’m also using the blog to draft chapters of my book, Write Like You Talk—Only Better, in which I pass on my wisdom from 30 years as a professional writer and communication planner. Now if that isn’t being really, really good, I don’t know what is, Santa.

The world would be a much better place if we would communicate clearly to each other. A Nobel peace prize maybe? More delusions of grandeur. I’d take the meds if I didn’t worry they’d slow down my blogging.

You may be thinking that I should be listening to successful bloggers instead of appealing to you. The trouble is these zealots tell me that I should post every day, even on weekends, for three years. Talk about get rich slow schemes.

I have tried to post more often, three times some weeks, but I’m busy with my paid writing and advising plus the book. Then there’s my invoicing, networking, volunteering, planning and other business stuff. And let’s not forget reading and commenting on other people’s blogs on top of updating on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

I also have a jam-packed life outside work featuring: two teens who belong to a Facebook group for people too lazy to throw the plastic milk bag corners into the garbage, a near-blind father who rides his bicycle everywhere, the newspapers, magazines and books that seem to reproduce faster than the mice in my green bin, friends who drag me to restaurants, the gym, exhibits… Oh right, you’re watching.

The experts tell me that I have to write quickly. Santa, if you remember me–the short girl with the brown eyes and the black velvet shoes with the bows and rhinestones in the Eaton’s store in Hamilton, Canada–you know I talk very quickly. I write quickly too. In fact, I have written for daily newspapers and politicians. Writing does not get any faster than that.

I may take a little more time than some bloggers because I revise. After all, the people who will pay me to write or will buy my book or training need to know I can express thoughts clearly and concisely.

I also like to spend time on my posts because it’s so much fun. I try out writing styles that would leave some of my corporate clients gasping. Wee!

I devote so much time to my blog that I’ve overhead my kids talking about tricking me into appearing on one of those reality intervention shows where you end up going into treatment for addiction, in my case for the overwhelming compulsion to post.

I can see your eyes glazing over, Santa. I should have realized you have enough trouble keeping up with iPhones and xboxes and that alphabet scramble of tech toys the kids ask for these days. You probably don’t know much about blogging, though you do have a nice web site and a slick sleigh tracking system.

Maybe I should ask people who balance blogging, business and life to tell me what to do. As long as they promise not to roll their eyes and tell me to make more time.


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  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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