Top 10 8. I survived H1N1

This didn’t fit my niche, though I love how blogging can sometimes meander into personal territory. I attribute the page views to people searching for answers, which they probably did not get here. Oh well.

No big risk.

BTW, yesterday’s post was scraped by a site for people learning English, which I refuse to acknowledge with a link. They must have run it through their program, which I hope nobody ever uses, and came with up with: “For a consequence of universe assent as well as all that’s great about a legal holiday deteriorate, let’s concentration upon a usual mistakes which deteriorate a capability to promulgate as well as acknowledgement a equal upon contention over a excellent points of abbreviation .”

My original said: “For the sake of world peace and all that’s good about the holiday season, let’s focus on the common mistakes that impair our ability to communicate and declare a truce on bickering over the fine points of grammar.”

No wonder some manuals from foreign countries are so difficult to understand. Or maybe it was the Iranian Cyber Army, which also attacked Twitter.


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