Top 10: 7. and 6. Write like you talk–only better

I love the conversational style of bloggers. But many could improve their writing dramatically if they’d think more about what they’re saying and the best way to say it before they hit the keyboard. After they’ve written, they should shorten, fix and improve.

To you bloggers, I stress the only better part of my advice.

The companion post Write Like You Talk–easier, faster, friendlier was intended more for the corporate, healthcare and academic people I’ve written for.

Their writing would become so much more engaging if they’d learn some lessons from the social media chatter. They’d also find it much faster and easier.

I’m so enthusiastic about this approach that I’m expanding it into a book that will be published in 2010. Much of the content has been drafted in many places on this blog, so explore more posts if you don’t want to wait.

Finally, happy solstice and first day of winter.


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