Answer 3 questions to plan for writing success

You’ve cleaned your closets, lost a few pounds and paid your bills. Yet somehow you don’t feel as geared up for the new year up as you’d like.

Could it be you’re not prepared to live up to your new year’s resolution to publish posts or newsletters more frequently?

Then it’s time to plan. I don’t mean writing a full year’s supply in advance, as some pundits advise.

You don’t want to have to trash any drafts when your world changes. And you don’t want to bypass the opportunity to respond to questions or follow your inspirations.

But I do want to stress the importance of planning themes for many, but not all, of your content, and having content on hand that you can easily publish when you get too busy. This way, you are much more likely to publish frequently and achieve your objectives.

Remember this canned content can be something you’ve prepared for another purpose that merits recycling.

Like closets, weight loss and finances, business writing that should appear regularly thrives on planning.

Simply ask yourself these three questions:
1. What questions are my customers asking? If one person is asking, there’s a good chance others are wondering too. Devote one post issue to answering each important question.

2. Are there seasonal topics I should tackle? For example, if you’re a Canadian financial planner, you’ll be advising people on retirement plan contributions then taxes.

3. What goals do I want to achieve? Maybe you want to demonstrate what an expert you are. Perhaps you are introducing a new service this spring. Some objectives will warrant their own posts or newsletters; others will be woven in throughout the year.

Answer these questions and see how many themes you have planned. Don’t worry if you don’t have them all mapped out. But remember to return to this list as the year progresses.

You’ll be happy you have a plan and happier if you have a few posts or issues ready to go.

Besides, planning your regular content themes is more fun than cleaning closets, easier than losing weight and less expensive than paying bills.

For more information, read my free e-book on newsletter planning.


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