Confessions of an e-book writer

I am writing an e-book. At this point I wonder if I will ever finish.

You see, it has to be good, make that great. I can’t accomplish that over a long weekend, contrary to the claims of the internet hucksters who try to entice me to part with my money in exchange for promises of quick e-book riches. I’m not falling for it.

For the past year, I have been posting here. I have not made any money from it. Yet, it’s more than a labor of love.

I’m pulling together many of these posts in a book called Write Like You Talk–Only Better, where I provide a nifty 3-step process that will make writing easier, faster and friendlier for all of you who feel like you’re drowning in written words some days.

Everyone I’m in touch with, especially the big talkers, loves the concept and the title. But I still have to finish writing the book.

The trouble is every time I think I am making headway, I remember something. This gives me ideas for new posts, but takes me farther away from the finish line.

Once the first draft is completed, I’ll send it to some colleagues for review and they’ll have more to add. The wheel will turn again. Who knows how many times.

That’s why I’m going to publish online only before I consider the permanence of print. I can keep improving the book.

The book has to be great because it’s the culmination of 30 years of explaining to people why I have rewritten their work or what they should do next time they have to write something important and I’m not handy. It’s my legacy.

So it has to be my best. As a type B, I have rarely done my very best. But when I turned 50, I decided it was time to give it a shot. I figure I have less than 50 years left to see how bright I can shine.

Besides, the book has to make money. Ever since last year’s stock market crash, I’ve realized I need a revenue stream that will enable me to retire before I become too senile or crippled to type.

To plump the financial cushion, I’m also developing training based on the book. This will also give me the chance to get out more, important because I am starting to develop an unhealthy relationship with my computer and the online world.

As the list of topics I need to write about shrinks, the list of things I need to do to produce and promote the book grows. My mind is still spinning from the seminar I enjoyed last week on how to make keyword sandwiches by for Rapport Design . Expect to see some changes here soon.

Once I find the time. Everything takes too much time.

I am also busy with cover designs and other visuals, subtitles, measurement, Kindle, pricing, affiliate marketing and so much more.

Then there’s the billable writing I have to do. Some days, when I’m in the middle of a particularly hot post or plan and a client calls, I get annoyed and mutter under my breath. Please don’t tell them. Feeding teenagers is expensive.

The book is cutting into not only my earning hours, but also my after-work life, which is tough on a type B. My kids have had to learn to cook. Some days my dog runs herself around the backyard. The dust bunnies have become rabbits with warrens. Friends are removing me from speed dial.

You may be wondering why I am making these sacrifices for something that’s not guaranteed to work. My father asked me why I am writing a book at a time when everyone can write a book because they have a computer. No wonder I have self-esteem issues. No wonder I need to prove I can do this.

I truly believe that my book will perform a miraculous public service. Once my gospel spreads, we will no longer be forced to trudge through emails that don’t get the point, posts we don’t understand, white papers that sound like they were written from the crypt or web sites that sneer.

Besides, I’m having a blast.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Barb. I would certainly be interested in such a book. Like you, I think it would perform a miraculous public service. I work with people who have a dream to impact the world with their work, but struggle to communicate effectively, and something like that would be a tremendous asset.

    Best – Michael

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Check back here, or subscribe, for publication dates.

  3. My pleasure. Definitely subscribed.

  4. Hey Barb. Glad you liked the seminar. Good luck with your book.

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