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  1. Great tips. I find it very difficult to proof my own work. However, hand me a restaurant menu and I’m all over it. “CESAR salad?”

  2. Am I being really stupid or is ‘looser’ in the title a joke? :^)

    Really interesting piece – I totally agree, my boss used to be a sub-editor at a newspaper and he is the most picky person I have ever come across (in a good way!) When I first started working for him I made myself a list of all the things he regularly corrected and made myself check for them first. Now they have started to become second nature in my writing! Bonus!

    I also use Word to check when there isn’t a spell checker – it’s invaluable.

    NB -if you’re interested – my list of top six things to correct before handing to my boss for proofing…

    * Comma in dates – Sunday, 18 October
    * Numbers = zero-nine, 10, 11 etc
    * Check capitalizations throughout
    * Check hyphens throughout especially compound adjectives.
    * Inverted commas – single for expressions, double for actual speech
    * Check spellings of names

  3. Josephine, yes, looser was a joke. Someone on one of my Linkedin groups actually thought it was unintentional. Great list, though I don’t know how many people care about hyphens in coumpound adjectives. I do.

    Donna, if the restaurant is foreign, I cut them lots of slack. Typos and grammar mistakes on writing from unnamed professional association–that makes me crazy.

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