My 100th post and other trivia

This is my 100th post. To celebrate, I asked Wikipedia and Google to tell me more about 100. Here are 10, the square root of 100, bits of fun trivia I found.

100 is
1. a Leyland number (26 + 62 = 100)
2. the number of items on way too many lists
3. the number of tiles in a standard Scrabble set
4. the police telephone number in Greece, India and Israel, the ambulance and firefighter in Belgium and the operator in the United Kingdom
5. the HTTP status code indicating that the client should continue with the request
6. the number of episodes for a TV series to become viable for syndication
7. ١٠٠ in Arabic
8. 佰,百 as a Chinese numeral
9. one Dalmation pup missing
10. four years older than I can expect to live


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