Just write

This post has been revised and moved to http://www.stickycommunication.ca/2010/09/just-write/.


2 Responses

  1. (c) garret recluse, although I try to get out to independent gatherings and other networking events regularly to shake off my reclusive state. And I do shower every day!

    I can’t write with music on, either, and definitely need to turn the computer sound and/or Tweetdeck off so I can concentrate. Otherwise, I find myself rereading what I have already written several times as I try to get back into the flow.

  2. Hemingway, it’s said (by Hemingway, of course), wrote all his best early stories in the cafes of Paris, without downing the booze till he finished (how heroic!). Imagine the nub of his pencil ground down! Imagine Nick Adams emerging, a fullblown youth, as if from the foam of the ocean! (I like your blog. Keep it up.)

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