Feed blogs, newsletters fresh content

To keep up with the need to regular update their blogs and newsletters, many writers opt for canned content. But this make your content look like a can of generic vegetable soup instead of a melange of garden-fresh ingredients.

Most businesses insist their brand is unique. Yet, they go with generic content.  Worse still, some want to can a year’s supply.

But if you’re telling the world what’s special about you, generic content makes no sense. Neither does too much canning.

Your brand is all about you and the people who are important to you. It talks about your area of expertise and your perspective.

Your brand breathes. It responds to external issues as they arise and converses about bright ideas that have popped into your mind.

Can you imagine if you’d automatically sent out material you’d written before the economy tanked?

Can you imagine missing that opportunity to share your latest epiphany? Or failing to answer the same questions that have recently kept you tied to the phone and email?

Sure, I understand why people want to prepare in advance. I even advise people to can a few newsletters, blogs or other articles for when they are too busy.

But lose the spontaneity that enables you to reflect your world and respond to your people? No way.

Besides, there’s little point in generic content when almost anyone can google on any topic. People will read your content for your individual expertise and opinion.

Although many experts understand the importance of staying in touch, some simply don’t have the time or comfort level to write. But canned content isn’t the solution to their dilemma. Professional support  is.

Few of the people I’ve talked to who want to use canned content are lacking in expertise and opinion. They just need someone to pull it out of their brain and package it. That starts with a telephone conversation with a writer.

What could be simpler — and more delicious?


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